Content and Methodology

FACULTY BROKERS has developed the ACADEMIC CONSULTING for Vocational Training Centers, Universities, Business Schools and Business and Organization Training departments in the private and public sectors.

We advise about programs, thematic and academic content adapting them to the level and educational or training format required.

The academic services integrate the following features, either wholly or in a concrete or complimentary way:

  • Thematic content selection.
  • Delivery format selection.
  • Program creation and Curriculum development.
  • Adequacy of program to format and schedule development.
  • Selection of teaching professionals.
  • Test development and/or interviews to access training.
  • Academic activity quality control.
  • Level tests and grading to obtain certification in each case.
  • Parallel proposal in the case of complimentary extracurricular activities (Visits, forums, conferences, recreational activities, etc…).)
Servicios Académicos Servicios Formativos