Encounters, Seminars, Congresses…

At FACULTY BROKERS we are conscious of the difficulty to create activities and events then later implement them satisfying the receiving public and organizer´s needs.

An integrated management approach starting with an adequate thematic search to the staging of the act allows optimizing resources, saving on expenses and maximizing return.

The scope of implementation is both national and international.

For this reason, FACULTY BROKERS offers:

  • Thematic search and matching characteristics of the activity or event.
  • Selection of content study of expectations and demands.
  • Designing the appropriate event or activity:

    • Conferences.
    • Presentations.
    • Talks.
    • Guest Lectures.
    • Work shops.
    • Round tables.
    • Encounters.
    • Seminars.
    • Intensive courses.
    • Courses.
    • Outdoor Training.
    • Social projects.
    • Diffusion projects.
    • Informative based commercial projects.
    • Tours and Road Shows.
    • National and International Congresses.
    • Symposiums.
    • Participation in parallel activities at fairs.
    • Children, Youth, Adult and Senior Citizen activities.
  • Selection of prestigious professionals, speakers or opinion leaders in their fields to    intervene.
  • Advice and coordination with the press to communicate and promote if needed.
  • Public Relations Advice.
  • Coordination with Protocol Board.
  • Planning and retro timing.
  • Selection of spaces.
  • Implementation and production with the necessary complementary services.

 Who are our services for?

  • Corporations and Institutions.
  • Foundations.
  • Study Centres.
  • Business Schools.
  • Universities.
  • Education Areas: Provincial (State) and City Hall Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism.
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