We plan and manage

FACULTY BROKERS carries out their TRAINING SERVICES from the planning stage to the implementation and management stage. This integrated service begins from when the training needs are detected by the public of the organization and the development of the thematic areas needed for training, up to the program preparation and the adequate training actions.

The academic services integrate the following features, either wholly or in a concrete or complimentary way:

  • Study of the institution’s needs and public (internal or external) and the objectives to be sought.
  • Format election and training space.
  • Thematic program development and duration.
  • Suitable selection of teachers and professionals.
  • Planning and management of training activity.
  • The creation of complimentary activities if needed.

The FB training services are managed on different levels, being those which are specific or complementary for projects in progress (Contents, professionals, teachers, etc...) to turnkey or tailor made services with the creation, development and implementation of a new project.

Servicios Académicos Actividades